How was the school named?

According to John 1:1-18, the Lord Jesus Christ is identified as the word of God.  The Greek term employed for this designation is LOGOS (Greek is the original language of the New Testament scriptures.)  In naming our school “Logos Christian Academy”, the Board wishes to make clear that our entire enterprise is under the authority, the direction, and the protection of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It should also be noted that along with the concept of Word, the Greek term “logos” implies knowledge.  We wish therefore, to publicly confess by our very name that all true knowledge resides with the person of Jesus Christ; and that teaching and instruction that is not grounded in the person of Jesus Christ provides no true knowledge at all. (Proverbs 7)

Where do you find your teachers?

As with other Christian and Classical Schools around the country, our teaching faculty will be chosen from a variety of networks.  Some will have extensive training in educational theory.  Others may not have taken extensive education classes.  In either case, teachers that are hired will have received training in the area assigned to them and they will exhibit clear God-given gifts in the classroom.  We will hire teachers who love the Lord, love their students, and love the subject matter which they teach.  All staff at Logos Christian Academy must profess themselves to be in full agreement with our statement of faith (found elsewhere in the parent booklet.) **

What are your plans for future grade offerings?

We are beginning our 20th year and have enrolled children in grades Pre-K - 8th.

How long is your school day?

The day begins at 8:10 am and ends at 2:50 pm.  Kindergarten students will start and end at the same time (full-day kindergarten).

Do you provide care for students before or after school?

No.  Logos Christian Academy is a servant of parents helping them accomplish their God-given task of raising and educating their own children (Deut. 4:6-9).  We are here to assist parents, not to usurp their role.  Time that children spend at school and away from parents should be only what is minimally required.  However, for parents who need a before or aftercare option, we recommend the services of several Christian day-care facilities located in our area.

What kind of accreditation do you have?

No school has accreditation when it first opens (this is true of public schools as well as private schools.)  The board has declared its intention to seek accreditation through the ACCS (Association of Classical and Christian  Schools – and possibly (eventually) the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International –

Do you ever plan to work toward accreditation with the State of Nevada or the Northwest Accrediting Association?

No.  The board had declared its intention to apply for the documentation required by the State of Nevada appropriate for all private schools fitting our description.  The board has no desire to place Logos Christian Academy under the limitations and restraints inherent in seeking state accreditation.  Quite simply, there is no need to do so (legally, educationally, or Biblically).  It should be noted that state accreditation actually means very little in our present educational world with its multitude of academic options.

What kind of testing is required?

All entering students must take a curriculum-based standardized test administered by the Logos Christian Academy’s designated tester.  Entering Kindergarten students will take a readiness test.  Standardized test scores currently in the students permanent record are welcome but will not be determinative.

Are there other factors considered in granting admission to Logos Christian Academy?

Yes.  For example, prospective parents and students will be interviewed as part of an overall effort to determine if the child has a good chance of succeeding at Logos Christian Academy.

Why study Latin?

See our “Why Latin” position paper in the parent booklet.  **

Are students required to wear school uniforms?

Yes.  See our “Why School Uniforms” position paper in the parent booklet.  **

What focus has Logos Christian Academy chosen for its students?

Christian schools face a choice of focus for their students.  One choice is to train young Christian disciples.  The other choice is to provide remediation for students who are not able to function in other school environments, either behaviorally or academically.  Logos Christian Academy is committed to providing a Christian environment where young disciples will be nurtured, trained, and challenged to grow.

Must parents be Christians to enroll their children at Logos Christian Academy?

No.  While we might expect that the majority of students enrolling at Logos Christian Academy will come from explicitly Christian homes, applications from those who are not so committed will be considered.  It should be obvious that in order for Logos Christian Academy to be true to its mission statement and to promote a unique vision for education, all parents will be required to acknowledge in writing that their children will be taught in conformity with the Logos Christian Academy statement of faith included elsewhere in the parent booklet. **